Intelligent Energy and Carbon Saving

Here at Britsolar our mission is to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions across the London area by 80%. We supply the highest quality LED light replacement bulbs, spotlights, tubes and panels with a fitting service timed to minimise disruption to your operations.

fluorescent tube replacement saves 80%

LED Tube Benefits

In comparison with fluorescent tubes LED tubes use up to 80% less energy with a lifespan up to 50,000 hours as opposed to 15,000 hours for a fluorescent tube, leading to dramatically reduced maintenance costs. LED tube manufacture does not involve toxic chemicals or metals and at 88% efficiency they reduce power loss through wasted heat. They light immediately without flickering with no warm up time.

LED ceiling panel replacement

Luxury Ceiling Panels

LED integrated ceiling panels are available in two standard sizes, 595 x 595 and 1195 x 595 to supply a diffused light ranging from 2,900 to 7,000 lumens with colour temperature options between 2,700 and 7,000K. They are rated at 35,000 hour lifespan and typically yield over 50 % energy savings.

GLS 130 LED light bulb

LED GLS Superbright Bulbs

LED GLS bulbs with either screw or bayonet fittings offer extended lifespans of up to 50,000 hours at significantly less energy consumption than filament and fluorescent, no UV output, no warmup time and limited heat output. They are available in three colour temperatures: Warm White, White and Daylight.

Britsolar Approved Brands